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Birth Photography/ First 48 

Birth is a precious time filled with much emotion, joy, and pain. All these things tell your story. Why not have a birth photographer there to capture those unforgettable moments, whether it is the entire birth or the First 24-48 hrs. after your birth?

Baby's First Year/Maternity

You get the news. You are having a baby! Don't let any moments slip away. Whether it is those beautiful belly shots or the tiny hands and feet of your newborn baby that you just can't seem to stop holding, it is just the beginning of this beautiful baby story.


It is in the everyday culture and rhythm of a family that memories can hide. It is where the true persons within that family are called to be themselves. What if you had someone that could be a fly on the wall and capture those truths forever?


When choosing a different path to grow a family, the firsts (no matter how different) are just as meaningful and beautiful. They deserve to be captured, cherished, and passed down to future generations

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