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 Adoption Narratives
Finding the Breathtaking Moments in Your Adoption Story
Adoption Gotcha Day
Gotcha Day Narrative

When you are choosing to grow your family in a different way, it is just as important to capture those beginning moments.  The day a child is adopted into a family is often celebrated as their  "Gotcha Day ".  Seek Studios wants to celebrate this joyous occasion with your family.  So, whether that is being present for the birth of your child, a court hearing, or coming to a planned celebration, we will be there to take the stress away and capture those precious moments for you!  We will have a pre-consultation with you and your family prior to the adoption.  On the day of, we will take candid photos before, during (if able) and after the celebration, birth, or court hearing.  Also, we will get some first photos of your new family.  A video story will be revealed to you in a post consultation. This video will be yours to keep and share with friends and family.

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