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My Journey

  I began my photography career 17+ years ago primarily as a wedding, event and portrait photographer.  In 2014, I broke my right shoulder (my dominant arm and the one I use to photograph), and my life changed forever.  I went through a long, almost 18 month, battle and 2 surgeries before it healed.  I was unsure if I would ever be able to photograph again.  Through this journey, God brought me to a new place.  A place of renewal, grace, beauty and life!  I discovered birth and adoption photography and fell in love.  It couples my experience as a wedding photographer and my love of second-shooting all in one, while celebrating new life with families. My own experience of birth and motherhood has brought both indescribable joy, in addition to its own set of struggles.  I, however, have been blessed to witness the uniqueness that unfolds in each individual story and now embrace the beauty of each family's journey.  It is my privilege to capture the moments that write your story and serve as a lasting memory for years to come!

Cindy Smith
Owner & Photographer

Central Illinois

Tel: 217.721.4289

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Member of Professional Photographers of America

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