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 Everyday Narratives
Finding the Breathtaking Moments in Your EVERYDAY Story
Everyday Narrative

An Everyday Narrative is a non-typical photo session of your family or event.  These won't just be images of your family posing for the camera but real moments that reveal the personality and the love that exists in and around your whole family. You choose a family favorite activity, event, or just everyday routines that are unique to you.  We show up and capture the story in a photo-journalistic style. Consider us like a fly on the wall or your own personal historian there to capture the everyday and make it extraordinary! 

It is also possible that maybe you want to capture your everyday with a person in a unique stage of their life, maybe your crazy toddler or loving, aging parent.  Do you want to remember these moments with them in this stage, years from now?  With this session, we will be cementing these memories into images that last a lifetime. Right now, some of these times may seem trivial but in 10, 20, or 30 years, they will be priceless and could help spark loving, lasting, healing memories.  They won’t just be images saved on your phone or cloud for no one to ever see, they will be priceless heirlooms to pass on to future generations.

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