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Birth Photography

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We are so glad we have peeked your interest and hope you will want to know more.  First, let me tell you that Birth Photography is not just capturing that "crowning shot", we are there to document your entire birth story. We are present during labor and delivery. Our goal is to capture those subtle (breathtaking) moments that you don't even realize happened until you view the final images. Most of the time you won't even realize we are there. We at Seek Studios are very purposeful about being in the background and not disrupting the birth space. 

Birth Photography can also be healing.  Many moms and families have testified to how looking back at their documented birth story has helped them. It allows them to take the time to remember and relive the experience when they are ready; in a place and time when they are calm, eager and attentive to receive it.

Finally, we want to get to know one another prior to the birth.  You should never feel like a stranger has walked into the room for your birth. We become part of your birth team and are on call with you. 

So, now, are you interested in learning more? We would love to meet you. talk with you more to see if it is a good fit for you.


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